‘The only good addiction is love. Forget everything else.’

AddictionToday I stumbled upon an interview with President Jose Mujica from Uruguay. He is a president who takes a different approach to leadership.

He gives 90 percent of his wages to charity, lives in his original home and shirks the luxury available to someone in his position. He has legalised abortion and gay marriage.

Meanwhile the process to legalise marijuana is underway in his government – not because President Mujica believes addiction or drugs are beneficial. But because he seeks to find a new way to fight addiction, identify and direct medical help to those need it and reduce the drug industry in his country. He seeks a new way because the old ways aren’t working.

More recently, the president spoke at the United Nations on reducing excess. He believes passionately that we have become a globe obsessed with consumption for the sake of it. But he also believes ‘we have to produce food for the hungry, roofs for those who need a home.’

President Mujica is a former Marxist guerilla kept in solitary confinement for seven years. He has taken up arms against those he believed were oppressors. These days he is an atheist who seeks to collaborate with the Pope, a man he greatly respects, to find new ways to address and bring peace to Columbia.

He is a man who has lived a full life and now seeks to bring positive change to his region and his people.

He believes ‘The only good addiction is love. Forget everything else.’

President Mujica is a man our leaders could learn from and, in a time when violence and repression in some parts of the world makes us fear that some have lost all their humanity, he shows us there is always hope and the possibility of a better way. I wish there were more leaders like him.

You can find the full interview here: http://goo.gl/AaVKsd




Psychic Connections: Are you feeling other people’s stuff?

PC 2sa redoOne of the upsides of being psychic is you are often more sensitive to the feelings of others. You will sometimes literally feel what they are feeling.

This can also be a downside because you will feel things you may not want to feel. And you may know things you don’t necessarily want to know.

It can be a challenging gift to manage particularly when you’re starting your psychic journey.

Several years ago, I was on holiday in another country when I was suddenly overcome with feelings of terror. I was on a busy street and knew I was completely safe. There was no rational explanation for how I felt.

While this was happening, I thought of my close friend Cadie* but I didn’t know why. The feeling eventually passed, but the next day I called Cadie back in Australia.

She told me that the day before (when I’d been feeling terrified) her abusive partner had been threatening her with a knife. I had felt her fear although I was thousands of kilometres away.

The information completely freaked me out and I told her off for allowing herself to get into that situation in the first place.

‘I never want to feel that again!’ I said angrily.

Of course, it wasn’t her fault I felt her stuff. We were very close and, knowing what I know now about my psychic connection, it wasn’t surprising that I should feel her emotions in that extreme situation.

My experience with Cadie wasn’t the first time I’d connected into the feelings of someone I cared about. And it has definitely happened since.

When you are emotionally close to someone you will be naturally more connected to what is happening for them. And, depending on how your psychic skills manifest, you may feel or sense what they are going through even if they are in another suburb, state or country. And let me be clear, you may not be seeking to connect with them, it will just happen out of the blue while you’re walking down the street, washing the dishes or sitting at your office desk.

When their situation is extreme, you may feel it very strongly. You may not know the details of the situation but you will feel what they feel.

Fortunately, as I’ve been on this psychic journey for a while now, I can understand what’s happening to me. But it’s still unnerving, particularly when there is usually nothing I can do to change what’s happening. I’ve just had to accept that it’s part of the psychic package I’ve been given, and I’ve learned to manage it accordingly.

If you’d like to learn more about managing your emerging psychic abilities and would like to connect with others who are on a similar journey, please join us at the A Night for Spiritual Beginners on Wednesday, 18 March 2015 in Brisbane. More details are available at http://wp.me/Pirqj-g1

* All names changed. Cadie made it out of the relationship in one piece and is now living a much happier life.






What if I told you it was possible?

possibleWhat if I told you it was possible? I’m talking about that dream you hold close to your heart.

Would you believe me or would that voice in your head drown out my words?

You know the voice. It’s the one saying, ‘You can’t. You’re not being realistic. Who do you think you are anyway? Don’t get above yourself. What will people think?’

It’s the voice that keeps you small. It keeps you scared. And it can stop you moving just one centimetre towards what you truly want – that job, that opportunity, that dream of what your life could look like. It also stops you believing there are people out there who could help you on your path – people who inspire you, lift you up and support you for who you are.

But what if it’s possible? What if the voice in your head is wrong. Dead wrong.

What if, by the very act of believing you can do it, things can change? By taking a chance and following your heart’s desire, the Universe will shift things in your favour and help you along.

It is possible. Sometimes the course may not look like you expect. It may not follow the plan in your head. But you will be moving. And as you keep going your dream will get closer.

There may be delays and diversions – that is life. But as long as you believe it is possible, it will be.

It may be hard to keep that fearful voice quiet during your journey. And the moment you give it air, things will start to stall. It really does have that power you know. You can slow down or even kill the creation of that amazing thing in your head with fear.

So believe it’s possible. Keep going and go for it.

You are enough. You deserve it. And I believe in you.




Psychic Connections: Are you freaking yourself out?

PC 1 image redoMy psychic awakening was exhilarating, confusing and often freaked me out. I’d had some psychic incidents during the preceding years but suddenly, over the course of 12 months, it seemed the Universe decided to slam its foot down on the psychic accelerator and I was an unwitting passenger locked inside the vehicle.

I found myself smelling and seeing things that weren’t ‘technically’ there and knowing things I couldn’t possibly know through any rational means. It was a truly bizarre existence.

I remember asking my mother, ‘Do you think I’m going mad? Should I simply call the men in the white coats to come and get me?’

‘No,’ she said. ‘I just think you see things other people don’t.’ Her reassurance helped me to accept that perhaps I wasn’t losing my mind.

I also sought the advice of a gifted psychic who provided me with support and guidance about what I was going through. She too reassured me that I was not going mad.

Time has passed and I’ve learned (usually the hard way) to manage my psychic gifts more effectively and use them to help others. It’s an ongoing educational process as new skills tend to show up when it’s time for me to use them.

Over the past year, I’ve had conversations with people who are beginning their own psychic awakening and, while their experiences are unique to them, their fears and confusion are very familiar to me. I’ve found, by drawing on my own experiences, that I’ve been able to provide guidance and support for their journey and I’ve decided to start a monthly event specifically for that purpose.

My first Night for Spiritual Beginners will be held on 18 March 2015 in Brisbane. People who are finding their way through the psychic awakening process will be able to meet like-minded souls, learn more about what they’re going through, and gain some vital skills to help them manage their special gifts and live their purpose.

Many people feel isolated and alone during their psychic awakening and it’s my hope this event will help to alleviate those feelings and create a community where we can share our experiences and grow together.

Registration is a requirement for this event and details can be found at http://wp.me/Pirqj-g1

I look forward to seeing you there.





Is it time for an adventure?

AdventureThis morning I woke early after limited sleep to see my cousin/housemate off. He’s going on a two-week adventure and, although I could have slept through his departure, I preferred to get up and say goodbye.

B* is travelling to Papua New Guinea on a boys-own trip that will involve surfing, sand, fishing and no doubt some significant alcohol consumption.

And you should’ve seen his face as he rushed around the house gathering his things as the taxi waited outside.

He was grinning from ear to ear. The excitement was palpable and evident in every part of his body.

He was going on an adventure.

I loved seeing that look on B’s face. And I’m sure he will have an absolutely awesome time. Part of me was envious that I wasn’t going too – not that I’m a surfer by any means.

But it was the scent of adventure and travel that called me – the opportunity to explore the worlds of other cultures and above all, find my own way to a land that lies beyond the horizon. The chance to have an adventure lies tantalisingly in the distance.

And this year I’m going to do it.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get there, how I’ll pay for it, or where I’ll stay. But this year I will travel again. And just like all those times before, the experience will open my soul and expand my universe.

It’s time for some new adventures and today, I’m officially inviting them in.

In the meantime, I shall dream of places yet unseen and mysteries yet to unfold.






Are you walking in the light or the shadow?

BalanceI feel like the Universe has been sending me a lot of lessons in the past few of months about the light and shadow aspects of myself and others. Authors such as Caroline Myss (The Sacred Contract) have written about these aspects and talk about our capacity to work within the light or shadow of who we are. Every part of our personality has two sides.

Now some might claim they only ever work within the light and always have good intentions towards others. And most of the time that will be true.

But it’s when we’re hurt by someone, things don’t go our way or we feel backed into a corner that our shadow aspects come out. A shadow can manifest as resentment, martyrdom, claiming victimhood, anger or just plain meaness. It can be vindictive, manipulative and scathing of the sensitivities of others. It can lead us to ignore the pain we cause while we flounder around in our own hurts and feelings.

Stay in the shadows for too long and you may find you’re moving to the extreme where you rage at the world and demand retribution, or direct negative energy towards others to get your own back.

A while ago, a wise friend said there are no good or bad people, just people. And I believe that to be true. We will all shift between the shadowy parts of ourselves (the so-called ‘bad bits’) and the lighter parts (the ‘good bits’) over and over again in our lifetimes. That’s just part of being the perfectly imperfect humans we are.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that we all have shadows and perhaps by acknowledging them, and looking them straight in the eye, we can learn to balance them better with our lightness. Perhaps that will stop them roaring out when we strike an obstacle. A balance between our shadows and our lightness is the key to a more balanced existence.

The shadows that lie within all of us aren’t bad, they are just part of who we are. But how we choose to manage those shadow aspects is the true sign of who we seek to become in this lifetime.

Why hiding from yourself never works

HidingA good friend said yesterday that she wanted to move to another city. ‘At least I’d be able to get away from X,’ she reasoned.

I shook my head and said, ‘But you know if you try to run away from yourself, you’ll only run into yourself.’

She looked at me like I was mad and said, ‘That makes no sense.’

But I have to tell you it’s the truth.

When things are too real, too painful or just too uncomfortable, we often try to run away. But what we don’t realise is those situations are part of ourselves. And you can’t run from who you are because it’s like you’re running away from you. You can jump on a plane and leave the country but your problem, issue or pain will still be with you. You might leave the ‘person’ you hold responsible behind, but if you don’t deal with the issue it will come back to haunt you later in another way.

Some of us will even try to hide from things we desperately want but don’t believe we deserve or could ever have. You might stay in a nice, dependable and well-paid job when you really want to do something that pays less but will make you happy.

Or consider the person who desperately wants to be loved but runs away from it because the thought of letting someone see all of them, with all their flaws and darkness, is terrifying. So instead they choose relationships that will never run too deep and choose to keep hiding.

We can become very good at pushing away the things we want.

It happens every day and I am no exception. I have tried to hide from myself many times.

It takes courage to be honest with yourself and face your demons. The thought of picking away the scab to see what’s beneath can be terrifying. What if we don’t like the person we find? What if we’re not strong enough?

Some people will never ‘go there’. They will hide for a lifetime because it’s easier.

And they’re right. It is easier.

But if you hide from who you are and what you honestly want, you will never be truly happy. You are a wonderful spiritual being living a human existence. That means you are here to learn lessons and expand your soul. Sure that expansion means facing pain and discomfort but the process also brings boundless joy, love and understanding.

Imagine if you could extend that love and understanding to yourself.