Are you being pulled in another direction?

authenticIt’s been an interesting couple of days for me. As a psychic I often have spiritual growth spurts when new information drops in whether I like it or not. Sometimes this is challenging because it makes me see things a different way. My boundaries are pushed and the Universe asks me to go further into my awareness and expand myself and my capacity. Quite frankly, it can turn my world upside down and inside out as realisations challenge everything that has gone before.

The last few days have been like that. In one instance, I walked past someone and, although I know them well and felt their energy in every part of me, my eyes didn’t recognise them because I saw only the mask they were showing the rest of the world. I knew the person underneath but I didn’t recognise the person they were showing to the outside world.

That was a shock for me, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. When we try to play a role we believe is expected of us, we all put on a mask. It’s how we cope. ‘Maybe if I act like everything is okay and act like this role fits me, it will,’ we think.

But it doesn’t work.

Most people will be taken in by the mask because we can be very convincing. We will even convince ourselves that it fits for a while. But eventually our mask will slip, usually when we find ourselves with  time on our hands and no one is around to distract us, and that’s when the realisations really start. Our mask falls to the floor and we realise we can’t and don’t want to play that role anymore. We don’t want to be that person we’re ‘supposed’ to be. We have to look at ourselves, go deep and face the truth within.

We want something different. We want to be the person we are on the inside. And often that person, our authentic self, is not the person we’ve been raised to be or who our culture expects us to be.

Some of us, maybe even you, will still try to wear the mask. And you may succeed for a while. But it will never really fit properly because the Universe will be asking you to go in another direction. It’s asking you to follow your heart and be who you truly are. And it’s asking you to listen to your inner voice to help you get where you need to be.

I know the person I saw the other day will have to remove their mask eventually and their outside will match their inside again. I’m looking forward to that day because that person on the inside is amazing.

In the meantime I know I can help other people who have already felt their mask slip.

I’m running a course that will help them find their way back to their authentic selves and empower them to chart their own path forward in a way that fits them.

If you’d like to know more and it feels right for you, I’d encourage you to visit the information on this website about my Nights for Spiritual Beginners – Introductory Course (see which begins this Wednesday in Brisbane. I’d love to see you there.

Is your Inner Voice calling you?

Voice of selfHave you ever thought about how you were raised and realised, ‘Actually, I don’t want to live my life like that.’ But you’ve felt stuck like you can’t let go and move forward without disappointing a lot of people?

Or have you found yourself in a moment questioning the life you’ve chosen to live and thought, ‘Maybe I’m on the wrong track here.’ But you don’t know what to do about it.

If you’ve had these or similar experiences, chances are the Universe is calling on you to take a different road to the one you always thought you’d walk. The Universe is tapping you on the shoulder and saying, ‘Excuse me, you’re not going to find happiness or peace living that way anymore because there are bigger things out there for you; there’s a whole new world waiting for you; it’s time for a different way.’

Most of the time you’ll resist that first gentle nudge to change or recalibrate your life because you’ll be comfortable where you are. Actually, if you’re honest with yourself, you won’t be that comfortable and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re playing a role you trained for but no longer like. You’ll be going through the motions every day but not feeling the fulfillment you thought you would. To the untrained eye your life may even look pretty great – but on the inside the life you’re living will feel kind of empty and unbalanced. You’ll know there’s something not right but you’ll tell yourself it’s just a phase and you should be grateful for what you have. But still that nagging voice will return, each time stronger and stronger than the last saying ‘Excuse me, that way isn’t going to work anymore.’

Unfortunately, things will usually get difficult for you around this time, particularly if you’ve never been allowed or taught to listen to your inner voice, that voice of self. Because that will be the nagging voice you hear inside you but you will mistrust it because your head will feel like it’s not in control. We are taught to balance and reason our way through every decision we make in our lives and yet, that other voice inside us pops its head up when we least expect it and throws everything out of balance.

That voice of self doesn’t really care about living a life that’s been neatly planned out for you by others. It doesn’t care how you were brought up or what your family, friends or society expect of you. It doesn’t care about the life you’ve planned for yourself either. It’s more interested in getting you on the track to be the most beautifully formed and wonderfully gifted person you can be. It’s on a mission is to help you pull apart the bits of your life that aren’t working so they can be cast adrift and replaced with something that is designed for you alone.

And yet you’ll try to drown out that voice because it’s not convenient and let’s face it, it’s downright disruptive. Maybe you’ll throw yourself into work and pretend you still love what you’re doing, or you could try to lose yourself in a relationship with someone you know will never be right. You might try drinking, partying or drugs, or make yourself so busy you feel constantly exhausted.

You might try some or all of those things.

But that voice will return again and again, until one day you’ll realise you can’t avoid yourself anymore. It might be a simple moment of clarity that arrives at the most unexpected time. Or sometimes, in extreme cases, you may be faced with some traumatic happening that forces you to stop and reassess. However it comes, in that moment you’ll realise it is time to follow your own path. You’ll realise that the structures you’ve built for yourself aren’t as sturdy as you thought and you need to let them fall into the dust.

You’ll realise it’s time to work out who you are and follow your voice of self because, regardless of what anyone else says or believes, you have a purpose on this planet and a path to follow. And in that moment you will courageously step forward on the most exhilarating, enlightening and terrifying journey of your life, the journey of self.

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: PRISCILLA W HOLE at Night for Spiritual Beginners

PWHI’m pleased to announce that Priscilla W Hole will be our special guest speaker at tomorrow’s Night for Spiritual Beginners in Brisbane. An experienced energetic healer and cranio-sacral practitioner, Priscilla has delivered sessions here and in Hawaii to help clients connect more deeply to themselves, see the truth of their challenges and clear their bodies of the blockages from this and previous lifetimes. She also delivers mentoring sessions to help women reconnect to their inner feminine wisdom and step fully into their life path.

Priscilla is a wonderful friend and a gifted healer. If you want to know more about energetic healing and the Power of the Feminine I would encourage you to join us tomorrow night. Registration details are available at

Can you ever go back?

Going backThere are times in your life when you wonder if you could ever really go back. Could you rekindle that old flame? Is it ever really possible go back to the place that you’d been and somehow make it better the second time around?

I’ve been thinking about this lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that no, you can never really go back to what was. But you can go back to that person and start anew if you have both transformed.

Because there was a reason that relationship broke down the first time. It didn’t work. Whether you or they broke it off, there was something wrong. So walking back in and thinking you can just start again where you finished is naïve and potentially disastrous.

More importantly, you played a role in that relationship and if it didn’t work, part of that responsibility lies with you.

Did you honour yourself in that relationship? Did you speak your truth or did you bite down your words to keep the peace? Did you put the needs of others above your own? Were you fearful of connecting with someone honestly so you always held back a little?

You can point your finger as much as you like at the other person but they reflected something in you. And that’s something you need to look at. If you don’t, you will probably repeat the experience again with someone else. If you don’t take responsibility for the role you played you won’t have learned what you needed to learn.

So as you look back and point the finger at the other person, know that you are really pointing at yourself.

It’s challenging to think like this because it means we have to take ownership of what has happened. Usually it didn’t just happen to us. We made choices that led us to that point and we attracted what was within us.

I’ve been doing my own self-assessment about a previous relationship recently and it’s been an eye-opening experience. I’ve realised that I didn’t always honour myself and I watched as he did the same.

I put his emotional needs above my own, just as he did with others. I wanted so much for him to be happy that I didn’t say, ‘Hey, that’s not cool,’ when he leapt over a boundary. And in return, I watched as he allowed every person in his life to overtake his boundaries again and again.

I judged him harshly when he pulled back. I saw beyond his words to his fears of intimacy and blamed him for the way things ended without acknowledging that in many ways he simply reflected a whole raft of my own fears.

I was angry because he didn’t want to let go of control or the way things had always been. But I didn’t see that all I wanted was to control how it would be. I ran from or blocked conversations because I was terrified of rejection and realise now that he was terrified too. We were too fearful to look each other in the eyes, be fully exposed and work it out. So in the end he decided to get in first and reject me before I could reject him. And so he did what I feared most and left.

It’s like a curtain has been pulled away and suddenly I see how responsible I am for the outcomes I’ve created in my own life. It was never really about what he did to me, after all. Instead it was a reflection of me and that’s why it was so painful because it’s hard to face what’s inside of you, those things you try to hide from yourself.

So can you go back? Can you reconnect to that old relationship and make it work a second time around? Yes. I believe it’s possible. In fact, I believe it with my whole heart because when things are meant to be, they will be. And you will be drawn back together because it is right.

But both parties must have done the work to transform themselves in the meantime. They must be prepared to look at themselves honestly and realise the other person was a reflection of them. You were drawn to that person to learn what you needed to learn. So learn the lessons and then, you may come back together and move forward in a completely different and stronger way. Or you may not. The choice is really up to you and them.

What if I told you it was all going to work out?

how‘What if I told you it was all going to work out. Would you believe me?’

I asked a friend this question today and he said, ‘Um yes, I guess I would. But what about…?’

And that’s where the problem lies doesn’t it. Someone in the know can tell you that something is going to work out and you’ll still want to know, how? How can it work out? How will I get there?

Often we’ll feel in our gut that’s it’s going to be okay. Lord knows my intuition has given me some very clear indications that things are going to work out just fine. My guides have shown me the things I most desire will come to pass. I’ve even had psychic friends say, ‘Lucy, yes, it’s going to work out. You don’t need to worry about that, just keep moving forward.’

But even with all those signs and confirmations from within myself and from others, do I trust that it’s going to work out?

Um no. Because I want to know the how. As a result, I don’t give myself a lot of peace. In fact, I get very little peace at all.

I think most of us have been brought up to ask the ‘how’. We want to know what the process will be to reach our destination. It’s part of the Western way. The idea of trusting that we’re taken care of and we should just focus on the now is foreign to many of us. And that’s because we’ve been taught to rely so much on our reasoning and our minds, not our intuition or inner guidance.

Does this help us to find inner peace? I’d have to say from my experience, definitely not. My need to know the ‘how’ often plays a wonderful role in tying me up in knots. It obstructs my progress and blocks me into a corner where I kick my heels in frustration because a large part of me wants a plan. I want to know ‘how’.

Yet, when I just trust that it’s going to be okay, things work and feel very differently. For example, when I simply ask myself in any given moment, ‘What is the next thing I need to do to draw X, Y or Z towards me?’ The answer always comes (if I quiet my mind long enough to hear it). I don’t have to force anything.

And once I stop trying to control the outcome or timing of something, my inner peace returns too. Once I let go of the ‘how’ I feel more balanced and I know that I’m moving in the right direction.

Learning to let go of the ‘how’ is one of my greatest lessons and I’m still learning it. But when I stop trying to see how I’ll reach my destination, the Universe steps up to help me get there. The timing may not be what I’d like and the path may twist and turn more than I ‘think’ is necessary or helpful, but it will always take me where I need to go.

Self-love is the Key

self loveWhen I look around me it often seems like love, or the lack of it, strongly motivates every single thing we do on this planet.

Love is at the core of everything and love of self in particular leads us to create lives full of opportunities and positive relationships, follow creative endeavours, and actively seek ways to make this world a better place.

A lack of self-love takes us down the road to self-destruction where we seek toxic relationships, disrespect our bodies, turn away from others and become people we don’t in our hearts to wish to be.

Love of self brings us closer to divine joy but its lack pushes us further away.

We seek others to fill the holes within ourselves. We think, ‘If I’m just with that person I will feel better.’ But it doesn’t work because you must love yourself first before you can ever truly love another.

When you lack self-love you will seek unhealthy relationships with people who don’t lift you up and do not help you to see the spectacular uniqueness of you. And in those situations you (and others who care about you) will blame that person for dragging you down. But the other person is only reflecting how you feel about yourself.

Other times you might find someone who sees your capacity for great love. They will want you to be all you can be in this life. But too often you will run from them because you do not believe you deserve that kind of love. After all, you do not love yourself so how could they love you.

Lack of self-love destroys what we want most in the world.

Loving yourself means trusting your inner guidance. But so many of us haven’t been taught how to do that and we distrust ourselves completely. But loving yourself is the first step towards understanding who you truly are at your core and from there your inner knowing grows exponentially.

Knowing yourself can be challenging because your inner guidance will tell you to do what you believe is right for you and this self-love will encourage you to seek paths that are not always in alignment with what other people want. It may ask you to live your life the way you choose and not as your family, friends or culture may dictate. It will challenge you to break down every false barrier you ever put in place and urge you on when others tell you to give up.

Self-love and the inner knowing that comes with it, will lead you to reach for opportunities and force you far your comfort zone where you are restricted by what has been rather than what is possible. It will nourish you and help you to keep going when you feel like you’ve lost your way.

Self-love will lead you to trust yourself and your own judgement. It will ultimately lead you to the strongest and most reliable love of your life, the love you have for yourself.

Psychic Connections: Living like a giant radio antenna

antennaImagine for a moment you are giant radio antenna positioned in the middle of a heavily populated area but someone forgot to tune you into a specific station. Instead your antenna is picking up signals from random and unidentified people and situations. It can feel like you’re picking up a radio play, the news, classic FM, rock and pop, and a chat show at random times for no obvious reason.

That’s what it can be like when you’re going through a psychic awakening.

You can be in the shower and suddenly have an insight that a friend of the family has been diagnosed with cancer. You can be sitting in a railway carriage and feel a huge lump in your throat and you’ll have to cough because the person two seats away isn’t speaking their truth to their travelling companion.

Other times you won’t have a clue where the feelings and thoughts come from because you won’t be tuned in properly. You’re just picking up signals from all over the place.

Are you supposed to do something with the scattered signals you’re receiving (if you can make sense of them)? Well, sometimes the information will be coming through to help you in some way, to give you an insight. But most of the time, at that early stage, you’re not supposed to do anything because you’re just picking everything that’s around you. You’re simply opening up to the energy that surrounds us all; you’re seeing and knowing things that a lot of people will never feel or notice. You’re beginning your psychic journey.

You may feel like you’re going a bit crazy – that’s pretty normal. But trust me, eventually you will learn how to manage the information you’re receiving. You will begin to understand when you’re picking up stuff just because you’re highly intuitive and then be able to let it go. You will also come to understand when the information you receive is for the purpose of helping you or someone else.

It’s a process that will take some time. But, as you become more skilled, you will increase your understanding of the metaphysical world you are part of and be able to use your gifts to help others and live your purpose. After all, that’s why you chose to have them in this lifetime.

If you’d like to meet other people who are beginning their psychic journey and learn how to manage your gifts in a safe environment, why not join us for the next Night for Spiritual Beginners in Brisbane on Wednesday, 15 April 2105. You can find out more and register at

I’d love to see you there.