Love not Fear

love not fear
Tonight I watched the news and cried
My face grew wet with tears
I could not look away from the screen
It brought up all my fears

How can humans create such pain
How can they inflict this horror
On whose authority do they believe they act
To take life and cause such sorrow

The response of some was
‘Shut the gates’
‘Stop the strangers coming in’
They bought straight into the fear and hate
The men with guns let in

But it is others like you and me
Who will stop this hate, I know
Because we know it is love not fear
That will stop these bloody blows

These men with fear
That riddles their souls
They cannot, will not win
While love is possible
And not hate
Please don’t let the fear back in

Love not fear, love not fear
Love is the only way
No judgement
And freedom of thought
They are the only way.

Playing It Cool

Playing it cool
He raised his hand
And waved to her
Then instantly felt like a fool
What was he doing
He was too eager
He should be playing it cool.

He wanted desperately
To be with her
But he had no real clue
How did he get there
From over here
It felt like swimming in glue.

She had to know
Didn’t she
Just how much he felt
How she made his heart sing
The feelings that he felt.

But she kept walking
Although she smiled
And he stayed where he was
He wanted her
Oh so badly
But he couldn’t work out
Where the ‘on’ switch was.

Rewiring Required

Rewiring required

His gaze caught hers
And for a moment she felt
Her brain go into reverse
The gears wouldn’t work
Systems malfunction
Rewiring required
It almost hurt.

What was this
A compliment given
He was waiting for a response
Her gaze was blank
Her words all jumbled
He’d think she was a complete dunce.

Conversation continued
And somehow she managed
To keep it all together
She didn’t understand just what was happening
She felt as light as a feather

How could a man
So unassuming
Create such an extreme response
It was all too strange
It was time to regroup
Before her sanity was lost.



She could not look away
Her thoughts, her eyes, were drawn
To him.

Quietude exuding from every pore
His presence still
Drawing her in

Only words
They wrapped her heart
And lifted her soul
Ever upward
All seeming possible
The connection beguiling
But unrealised.

Never touched
Breathless desires unspoken
No movement
Yet his presence, still
It called.



He was entranced
It was a word not often heard
But entranced he was.

Her energy beguiling
It held his attention and pulled him in
A sweet surrender
Her voice, her smile
Her laughter even more
It caught and turned his head
Bringing forth his own smile

He could never look away for long
His gaze always returning
To her.

She did not know of course
Could not know
How much he craved her touch
But could not
For reasons never articulated
Reach for.

But still her entrancing presence called
And he returned
But could not
Would not
Move too close
Not yet.

Thank goodness for random conversations


I was pulled up at an intersection a couple of weeks ago, peering into the review mirror and putting on lipstick before the lights changed when someone yelled, ‘You’re already beautiful!’

I looked out the passenger window to see an older man with wiry grey hair seated in the car next to me, looking my way. ‘Thanks,’ I said with a smile on my face. After all, a girl’s got to take her compliments where she can.

What followed was a completely random conversation during what seemed to be longest traffic light change I’ve ever experienced. I never discovered his name, but the man and I managed to discuss his luck (which apparently wasn’t great that day although, as it was only mid-afternoon, I said it was definitely possible it could still change), where I was headed (off to QUT to teach public relations), where his daughter worked (previously QUT and now at Heathrow) and his volunteer work for the local club (which apparently he did to help out because he’d won the lotto a few times and didn’t really need to work…I guess his luck was usually pretty good?!). The entire conversation was yelled through our respective car windows while he held his recently purchased Hungry Jacks burger aloft in his left hand and gestured with his right. His car was the opposite of flashy (I guess he used his lotto winnings for better causes).

When the lights finally changed the man told me to have a great day. I said ‘It was nice chatting to you’ and he suggested I check out his club’s website. I then turned the corner and laughed to myself as I continued my drive to work. What a completely random and fabulous happening. That one conversation not only helped to pass the time at the traffic lights and also brightened both our days considerably.

When I think about that episode now it still makes me smile. And I’m so grateful to live in a place where those kinds of random conversations are still possible. But with so many of us immersed in our phones while we wait in lines for our shopping, taxis, the bus and so on, it feels like our opportunities for random conversations are rapidly diminishing. And that is such a shame.

So my wish for you this week is that you get to have a random conversation that leaves you smiling.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a few more of my own…and I also hope that man enjoyed his burger.

Are you asking for what you want?

Your life

Years ago, during a time of great confusion in my life, a kind mentor advised me to write a letter to myself because I felt lost and was unsure how to make a major decision.

‘Write a letter to yourself,’ she said. ‘Just go somewhere where you feel safe and won’t be disturbed, then write by hand (no computer allowed), “Dear Lucy, What do you want?” then write until you can write no more. Don’t edit as you go. Just write.’

That first letter helped me gain so much clarity about my life and what I wanted. I’ve also used this technique several times since then when I’ve been unsure of how I wished to move forward.

I’ve also shared this process (and a few others) with my clients and friends over the years because I know how powerful it is. Writing a letter to yourself allows you to articulate what you want.

This idea of allowing yourself to openly ‘want’ things has been coming up in a few of my conversations recently. So many of us seem to struggle with ‘wanting’. For some reason, we often don’t think it’s okay to want the things we truly desire. Comments range from ‘I don’t want to want too much’ to ‘I don’t know what I want’. Other times when asked, ‘What do you want?’ we simply respond with a blank frozen look because we don’t feel brave enough to speak our truth or we haven’t given ourselves permission to acknowledge what we want…even to ourselves.

We will get in our own way a hundred times to avoid saying and claiming what we want. And I have definitely been guilty of this myself, many times in my life.

Sometimes we worry that others might laugh at what we want or worse, they might think we’re ‘getting too big for our boots’. We may even think we’re not worthy of that thing so we’ll decide it’s best to not even admit to ourselves. Or maybe that thing will disrupt our lives so we decide to play along with things as they are while becoming more and more dissatisfied with each passing day, month and year. We will stumble along trying to make things work that never quite come together and we always feel like something is missing.

But, let’s face it. This is not a recipe for a fulfilling life. So, for those of you who are hiding from your ‘want’ or trying to uncover it, might I suggest a letter-writing activity is in order? It always help me get clarity when I’m struggling and I know it will help you too.

You don’t have to tell anyone about it. It’s just for you and it’s no one else’s business. But you will find that one letter will help you see what you really want. That will be the first step towards articulating aloud and then claiming the very things that will make your heart sing.

So stop running away from your want and you might even find you can have it.